What is A Valid Video Game Art

General / Thursday, February 28th, 2019

That’s why those masks are the drama logo, and that sucked. That’s why we don’t do that anymore. You know, no one’s gonna sit here and argue that’s more effective than a close-up in a movie showing Viola Davis whipping out an Oscar. – Well, I mean I can argue anything, but it would just be to defy you. – Movie started out as like film plays, you know, or puppet theater, commedia dell’arte (bleep). And guess what we don’t watch anymore? – Hey, The Artist won Best Picture pretty recently. – Raise your hand if you saw The Artist. (groaning)

Reality TV became popular by pretending to be more real than scripted shows. Caveman paintings are rad, but they don’t get me more invested than a Rembrandt portrait, and last but not least, first wave Norwegian death metal was marked by chugging, primitive riffs and low growls that expanded to feature falsetto screaming and oversized drum kits to add more depth. – Wow, that true about death metal? – Probably not, but I win the argument and being classier. – And snootier and wronger. What you’re basically saying is that the journey doesn’t matter at all, only the destination. Like okay, okay, what about when there’s ultra-realistic VR headset movies? You saying now Jurassic Park is moot? You really gonna tell me Jurassic Park is no longer a valid piece of art? You’re gonna sit there with your damn filth mouth and take a triceratops-size (bleep) on Jurassic God damn Park?

No, but if they release JP as a VR movie in 2035 I’m gonna be there opening night, and so will you. – Too true, too true. – I’m not fist bumping for that. – Buster Keaton. – What about him? – I don’t know, you’re just making me feel stupid. I wanted to catch up. John Coltrane. – Please stop. Let’s tell this guy to kick rocks. – Alright, finally a decision. – You think she was better because she was smart, because she designed Zero Dawn. But you miss the point. – Well no, not really happy with how that worked out. Should I reload and try again or you want to play something else? – Sure, if the facial animation and voice actor are equally good. – Cool cool, alright. Well then let’s try Mass Effect: Andromeda. I just downloaded it. Oh, and it has the same story deal where you can make moral choices and harangue your roommate about it. You’ll love it. – (laughs) Yeah. – [Video Game Voice] Scott. – Is my sister okay? – Sara’s fine. Her vitals are strong, but the revival procedure was interrupted. – I don’t like the sound of that. (grumbling) (upbeat music)